by Peace In Terror

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Peace In Terror's Second EP, "Destruction"


released July 4, 2014

All music written by Matt Knowles, Freddie Ledesma, Sean Duncan & Brady Wagstaff
All lyrics written by Nick Carrillo
"Destruction I Crave" featuring Blake Backer of Globe & Beast
Produced and engineered by Kenji Fukuda
Distributed by Rage&Color Records



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Peace In Terror San Diego, California


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Track Name: Destruction I Crave ft. Blake Backer
Built to destroy, I will employ all of the hate of my greatness
My powers outrageous
Mountains fall before me
All is displaced below me
Destruction I crave
We will never be safe till we are free
I am the plague I am disease bringing mother nature back down to her knees
I am the wind, I am the sea clearing out the mess that's left to be
Cold and crippling, feel revenge
Destroy destruction to find an end
Track Name: Foetry
I found my power in being content, living to the fullest is time well spent
Nothing good in life lasts forever, this I've surely learned
But if you're willing to weather the cold of the storm,
Maybe you'll find something worth your time and (even) when it leaves it wont matter because what you had was true and finding happiness is power
Track Name: WolfSpider
Destructive to meaning, your words are feeding what's killing me inside
Stop assisting the lies existing just beneath the surface
You're barely alive, so am I but ill survive
Without master, I am I
Pushed by strength, fueled by hate, I'll survive
You just keep breaking your back continuously, caught up on what makes you bleed
Track Name: Eternal Summer
I sleep the dream our love is fate in a world where hearts don't ever break
Eternal summer, soft and slow, sleep by the stars, wake at suns glow
No matter how hard I fight or shout, I still see you when the light goes out
Love lost is the cost of a love lived, a value and price well worth it
Still the seasons change bringing with them nothing but more despair
Eternal summer burns out and is lost in the air
With many others more to come but always cherishing our time of fun
Disconnections hard to bare
But our eternal summer will always be there
Track Name: Scar
I won't let you go under
I can't watch you fall
You stand too tall to be deemed nothing at all
You are potential and full of dream
Brilliantly absurd; Disconnected from theme; Unique
My brother has fallen but he is not alone
You will be rebuilt and brought back to throne, this I know
Isolate, but brothers are waiting for you at home with love denser than stone
Remembered as the creator, never to be torn
You are of the mighty and in us you have a home
Track Name: Consequence
You are bound to suffer, you are bound to burn
Like the witch you are turning on your first born
I am a creation of isolation
I have no name, you dropped me without hesitation
I am only burden and shame and you'll turn them all to blame me
You knew the consequence, you chose your path
Now I'm left to defend myself
Hypocrite with your nose so high, tell another lie until you're blind
Someday you will know the pain
One day you will feel your shame
You are simple
You are evil
You are lies
You are betrayal